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What are DAOs?

DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) are online-native decentralised organisations with self-enforcing rules, governed by their members, and use distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain.
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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and their varying and increasingly exciting uses are taking the blockchain world by storm.
Research and trends

What is Ethereum?

First, a Brief History What was the problem(s) that Vitalik Buterin was looking to solve? Bitcoin provided a solution to the double-spend problem of creating digital cash by using proof-of-work … Continue reading "What is Ethereum?"
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What is Bitcoin?

What was the problem that Satoshi Nakamoto was looking to solve? Digital Cash (without the bank) The 80’s & 90’s saw many attempts to create a digital version of money that could have a token, both private and untraceable, treated as a bearer instrument and not subject to the fragilities of third party issuers and verifiers.
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Will 2019 be the year blockchain flops, or flies?

Last year was a turning point for blockchain as we saw a formerly experimental philosophy evolve into tangible projects. So, will 2019 be the year blockchain becomes ubiquitous, or will some well-publicised failures spell the end of the road?
Research and trends

Data for sale: The value of our digital lives

Every time we swipe our bank card, upload a photo to Facebook, watch a video on YouTube, use a loyalty discount, hand over a prescription, read an article online, we’re giving ourselves away.