Taking a key role in growing our country's capability to maximise the opportunities enabled by blockchain technology.


The Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ) was established in 2016 as a membership based group to support and grow the blockchain and crypto community in New Zealand.

In order to better achieve its objectives, members voted in 2018 to become part of the Tech Alliance. Over the later half of 2018 the new committee went through the process of transitioning BANZ into the NZ Tech Alliance ecosystem.

The new name (BlockchainNZ), vision (to help make New Zealand become a global hub for blockchain innovation), brand and website was launched in December 2018. The previous committee transitioned into an establishment committee.

Why BlockchainNZ?

Blockchain technology is changing our understanding of transparency, authentication, trust, and contracts in the private and public sector. It is also accelerating the move towards a globalised society and many people believe it will fundamentally change how business and society operates. BlockchainNZ has undertaken to provide New Zealand organisations with opportunities for advancing knowledge around blockchain, connecting with the blockchain tech ecosystem and promoting awareness of its potential.

BlockchainNZ is an association of organisations and individuals that represent this rapidly emerging business sector and those engaged in the wider global Financial Services, IT, and public sector communities. BlockchainNZ members have come together to lead a programme of work, taking a key role in growing our country’s capability to maximise the opportunities enabled by blockchain technology and address any challenges.

Our Team

BlockchainNZ is governed by an Executive Council and a working group of comprising of member representatives passionate about helping to grow the ecosystem

BlockchainNZ’s Key Interests

BlockchainNZ’s members have communicated that they require assistance with the following key aspects:

  1. Assisting with collaboration in the industry and increasing opportunities for the players in the blockchain space to network;
  2. Creating opportunities for blockchain-related businesses/projects to raise their profile and showcase their work in New Zealand and internationally;
  3. Engage with Government in order to support the use and development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in New Zealand; and
  4. Educate the public on the basics of blockchain technology on the one hand and create educational opportunities for required technical skills on the other.

Having considered the above, each member of the Executive Council considered what “key interests” they may wish to be involved with in the context of blockchain technology, being the following (in no particular order):

  • Use of blockchain for digital identity, and working with the Government and Digital Identity NZ in this space;
  • Digital money, cryptocurrency, VASPs, and relevant regulatory regime;
  • Challenges in obtaining basic banking services;
  • All things relating to DAOs;
  • Social meetups;
  • Use of blockchain in the domain name space;
  • Showcasing our members’ blockchain-related projects/developments/innovation;
  • Bridging together New Zealand and international connections in the blockchain space;
  • Working with Government in the use of blockchain for immigration shortlist purposes;
  • Reconsidering the use of BlockchainNZ’s website; and
  • Educating, and creating opportunities for further education, on various topics in relation to blockchain technology and its implications.

If any of the above topics sound like a passion of yours, we want to hear from you.  If you are interested in being involved with, or otherwise assist or support, any of the above interested areas, we would sincerely appreciate it if you could please email team@blockchain.org.nz with your expression of interest, and the relevant board member(s) will contact you.

NZ Tech Alliance Member

Coordinated by NZTech, the New Zealand Tech Alliance represents over 800 organisations across the New Zealand technology landscape who collectively employ almost 10 percent of the workforce. The Alliance was formed to help connect, promote and advance the entire tech ecosystem.  It is a diverse collective of purpose driven not-for-profit, non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Our shared purpose is to help the economy grow and create a prosperous digital nation.