Why become a member of BlockchainNZ?

Connections. Education. Development. Advocacy.

As a member of the New Zealand Tech Alliance, BlockchainNZ provides an independent, positive voice for blockchain in New Zealand. We work closely with New Zealand Government agencies, local businesses, other members of the Tech Alliance and offshore partners to generate valuable benefits to our members.

Through our work we serve to link our members’ voices to government and cross-industry stakeholders. The services we provide ensure our members are able to meet Best Practice Standards as they seek to grow their digital currency businesses as well as drive the wider digital economy forward.

Different organisations will benefit differently from being members of BlockchainNZ. It is a vehicle enabling members to do what individual organisations cannot do alone and even more benefit can be expected from growing membership and participation.

Key benefits for members include:

  • The ability to directly shape the New Zealand blockchain agenda and calendar of activities;
  • Participate (at discounted rates) in activities throughout the year, both domestically and internationally;
  • Promotional opportunities for yourself and your business in relevant activities and events;
  • Gain visibility of who is doing what and have direct opportunity to connect and collaborate with others;
  • Sponsoring opportunities in blockchain related activities and events;
  • Discounts on training courses;
  • Be part of the wider New Zealand Technology Alliance.

This is your opportunity to connect with others who care about blockchain, help shape the New Zealand blockchain agenda and promote collaboration across industry and Government.

If you would like to become a member please sign up on this page or email team@blockchain.org.nz

Membership Categories

Membership is open to organisations of all sizes. Membership categories and fees for BlockchainNZ are set out in the table below. Membership fees are based on the scale of an organisation joining, with a focus on revenues. All staff of a member organisation are considered members.

Member Category
Criteria – NZ Revenues
Annual Fee
Major Corporate
> $75m
Large Corporate
$50 – 75m
Medium Corporate
Large Govt Agencies
Large Education Agencies
$20 – 50m
Ministries, Departments, University
Small Corporate
Small Govt Agencies
Small Education Agencies
$5 – 20m
Small agencies, CRI, Polytech
Medium SME
$1 – 5m
Small SME
NZ-owned, < 3 years AND < $1m
HIndividual*E.g. for students and self-employed people.$250

The membership fee is annual and is based on your New Zealand revenues.  All fees are $NZD excluding GST and are current as at 1 January 2020. Fees may be reviewed each financial year for the upcoming year.

* This category is restricted to people who are not employed by an organisation that could be a member of Blockchain New Zealand.

Multi-membership discount

If you are a member of one of the Associations in the Tech Alliance you may be eligible for a discount on your membership. To make it easier for organisations that can see alignment with multiple NZTech Group associations, a multi-membership discount structure has been established. Click here for more information on muti-memberships.