In case you missed it, here are our webinars we've recently hosted

TWTV Digital Nation 2023: Shaping our tomorrow, today

We’re exploring the next steps in building a digital nation together. In recent years, many initiatives have helped inspire our shared vision of an equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand, underpinned by good tech. Now is the time to influence the next steps in our journey and ensure our future in the digital age.

TWTV : From Paint to Pixels: The History and Future of Art

Are NFTs creating a new art movement, or are they just pixels on a screen?

The discussion delved into the significance of various art movements throughout history, from the Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism, and how they reflect the societal and cultural influences of their time. Our panelists also explored how artists today are adapting to the digital age, with the rise of blockchain technology and NFTs as a new medium for artistic expression and ownership.

Ledger of Things – Future of IoT and Blockchain Technology

In October the NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ published The Ledger of Things Whitepaper to help bring understanding of how these two technologies can work together in a range of different use cases. Join industry experts who will further explain how IoT and Blockchain can benefit water, energy, and supply chain logistics.

Keagan Lehmann | Deputy Chair, NZ IoT Alliance
John Mackie | Chartered Professional Engineer and previous member of BlockchainNZ Executive Council
Alison Mackie | Executive Director, NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ

Solution or Pollution: Emerging Tech and Climate Change in Aotearoa

Join leading industry figures, thinkers and disrupters for a timely and far-reaching debate about the role of technology in achieving New Zealand’s emissions targets. The debate, a feature of Techweek22, will have a special focus on the role of Blockchain in climate change with a focus on the Digital Sustainability Index Report and if emerging tech is helping or hindering our goals to net zero.


Ilan Oshri – Professor – University of Auckland
James Cochrane – Partner – Stace Hammond
Nicole Upchurch – CEO – CENNZnet
Dave Rouse – CEO – CarbonClick

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism

In this korero we will be discussing the DINZ-commissioned analysis of the Reliance and Re-Use of Identity Verification for AML/CFT Act purposes. We will share the full report with registrants and discuss the key findings and recommended actions. We will also be discussing the review of the AML/CFT Act which is currently underway.  This will provide attendees an opportunity to share their views and provide feedback to those directly involved in the review process.

Claire Barber – CEO – MATTR
Nick Kokay – Senior Policy Advisor – Ministry of Justice
Daniel Rogers – Founder & Director – Avid AML Limited
Lloyd Kavanagh – Senior Partner – MinterEllisonRuddWatts
Janine Grainger – Co-founder and CEO – Easy Crypto

Token Driven Revolution – Understanding the foundations of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Join FinTechNZ, Blockchain and IBM as we dive deeper into constructs that govern the crypto economics models and token economy. The emergence of Asset tokenization has led to massive disintermediation and changes to the business models of many industries.

Nitin Gaur – Director – IBM’s Blockchain Labs

Real Use-Cases Utilising Location Techology and Blockchain

Listen to industry leaders share their experiences and knowledge, including case studies, challenges and opportunities location technology has when used in conjunction with blockchain. From sharing trusted data to transforming maritime logistics hear real-use cases and the future of these technologies.


Klaeri Schelhowe – Delivery Director, Trust Alliance New Zealand
Frederik Van Outryve Chief Commercial Officer, T-Mining
Alex Sims – Associate Professor, The University of Auckland

The Future Of Money

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) recently published an issues paper – The Future of Money: Private Innovation. They have asked for feedback on their proposed approach to the opportunities and challenges from new forms of private money such as cryptoassets, including stablecoins. 

This webinar will cover what will be in BlockchainNZ’s response to RBNZ and our proposed approach to the opportunities, risks and challenges from new forms of private money, and what regulations should be considered to enable innovation in a new era of currency.

Alison Mackie | Executive Director, NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ
Bryan Ventura | Chair, NZ BlockchainNZ
Alex Sims| UoA Business School, Associate professor, BlockchainNZ Executive Council