Our Members

Representing organisations working in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Air New Zealand

    The Air New Zealand Group operates a global network that provides air passenger services and cargo transport services to, from and within New Zealand to more than 15 million passengers a year.

  • ANZ

    At ANZ our purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. That is why we strive to create a balanced, sustainable economy in which everyone can take part and build a better life.

  • augensoftware

    We are experts in applying technology to inform and transform business practices, improve productivity & efficiency, and support & accelerate innovation. We work closely with our customers in many industry sectors, including: banking,...

  • Blockchain Labs

    Providing organisations and project teams with the support, insight and expertise needed to deliver cutting edge blockchain applications. Our team of independent advisers specialise in blockchain security, research and development, best practice,...

  • Causality

    Causality.Ltd aim to deliver world leading data management and analytical products across blockchain technologies to enable organisations to react faster, inform decision-making and drive improved performance.

  • Cawthron Institute

    New Zealand's largest independent science organisation specialising in aquaculture, biosecurity, marine and freshwater, and lab testing.

  • Centrality

    Centrality is a graph theory term – a point in a decentralised system that unites to other points. Likewise, Centrality's platform connects start-ups to foundational elements of their business operations

  • CentraPay

    CentraPay connects consumers and retailers directly, leveraging digital assets and smart contracts on Blockchain to provide unparalleled next-gen payment experiences.

  • Chain Financial Holdings Limited

    Chain Financial is an innovative technology company focused on enabling blockchain financial markets.

  • ClearPoint

    ClearPoint is a digital experience and engineering company. We help businesses accelerate, finding the perfect intersection between their agility, product innovation, data and technologies to create world-class customer experiences.

  • Coingrid

    Coingrid is building the friendliest cryptocurrency exchange for newcomers and veterans alike.

  • Dasset

    Purchase digital currencies with New Zealand Dollars. Effortlessly connect with the new global digital asset economy with Dasset's user-friendly interface.

  • Inland Revenue

    Inland Revenue plays a critical role in improving the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealanders. We collect 80% of the Crown's revenue as well as collecting and disbursing social support programme payments.

  • matrex

    Matrex® is at the vanguard of blockchain developments in the food and beverage industry. It provides an answer to decades of information asymmetry that prevents transparency. Matrex®’s blockchain solution helps food brands validate and...

  • Meterme

    Blockchain for utilities.

  • Microsoft New Zealand

    Computers are actively learning about the world around them. AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s happening now. At Microsoft, we’re infusing artificial intelligence across everything we make.

  • MiMaii NZ

    We want to help you extend your business to China, and offer a complete solution that enables you to maintain full control over every aspect of your business, without having to worry about the technical details. MiMaii essentially becomes a part or...

  • Neighborhood.AI

    Here to help the world experience the joy of finding a home. By leveraging modern technology and the blockchain, we’re on a mission to create a streamlined, low-fee, low-paperwork process for property buying and selling.


    We’re building OPOLY, the online marketplace for transacting real estate. OPOLY is changing how people invest in real estate, enabling people to own a block of segmented property.

  • Oracle New Zealand

    Leading the cloud. From intelligent business applications to infrastructure, we deliver tomorrow’s emerging technologies today, like the world’s first - and only - autonomous database.

  • Paymark

    New Zealand's leading payments innovator. Paymark design, build and deliver payment solutions that help Kiwi business succeed. Whether you’re looking for in store, online or mobile payment solutions or powerful business insights, Paymark is here...

  • SingleSource

    SingleSource builds an ecosystem on the blockchain to generate, store and exchange risk score data in a decentralised manner, combining the principles of accessibility, privacy and security.

  • Sylo

    In a world of mindless browsing and intrusive advertising, Sylo puts you back in control of your own digital world. It’s a community of like minded people and businesses, who want full control over how they communicate and the information they...

  • University of Auckland

    Since its founding in 1883, the University of Auckland has grown to become New Zealand's flagship, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, its research, and its service to communities.

  • Westpac New Zealand

    Nearly a quarter of all Kiwis bank with Westpac, so we’ve got great experience and knowledge to draw on when it comes to helping people with their very first bank account, all the way through to their retirement.