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BlockchainNZ challenges Reserve Bank’s ‘oxymoron’ stablecoin claim!

BlockchainNZ challenges the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s (RBNZ) assertion that stablecoins are ‘oxymorons’, emphasising the transformative potential of blockchain technology for our economy, “By embracing blockchain technology and digital currencies, Aotearoa New Zealand can position itself as a leader in the global economy and unlock new opportunities for prosperity and growth,” says BlockchainNZ’s chair … Continue reading "BlockchainNZ challenges Reserve Bank’s ‘oxymoron’ stablecoin claim!"
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Reel Factory releases WTF is Crypto? A TVNZ original docu-series

Auckland based production house Reel Factory have just released WTF is Crypto? the latest in their long-form ventures via TVNZ+. WTF is Crypto? takes an entertaining and informative approach to demystifying the wild world of Crypto.  Directed by Rita Attwood, the six-episode series tells the stories of Aotearoa-based pioneers all making a name for themselves … Continue reading "Reel Factory releases WTF is Crypto? A TVNZ original docu-series"
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Nothing boring about digital assets and intellectual property

Source: Lane Neave news Alongside the world-wide takeover of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has come a range of legal issues, particularly in the realm of copyright and intellectual property. As cryptocurrency and NFTs continue to rise in popularity and value, the number of legal claims relating to them is bound to follow suit. While … Continue reading "Nothing boring about digital assets and intellectual property"
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The Long Read: Keeping up with Crypto Influencer Liability

A boom in the number and value of crypto-assets, especially the pop culture phenomenon of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has given influencers and corporate brands alike a very real financial opportunity to leverage their follower and customer bases with high-value crypto-assets.
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Keeping up with Crypto Influencer Liability

Social media has become an incredibly effective marketing tool for all types of businesses. To appeal to social media users, businesses will often hire influencers to assist them in promoting their products or services.
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Web3.0 | How can we help?

you are operating in the web3 space or have an idea and need support, please get in touch.
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BlockchainNZ Pod E03 with Liz Izmailova

Hi folks, and welcome to the Blockchain New Zealand Podcast. I’m Jeff Nijsse and today I’m talking to Liz Izmailova. Liz is a Ukrainian New Zealander that has been working in blockchain for the past five years, she is a marketing manager at CENNZnet which is part of the Centrality ecosystem.