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BlockchainNZ Member Profile: Dasset

Digital Asset Exchange Limited, trading as Dasset, is the first fully compliant digital asset exchange in New Zealand. Dasset is an online platform for retail and institutional customers to buy, sell or trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for New Zealand Dollars. Customers will find the lowest fees, and often the best rates in New Zealand. While Dasset can be used by anyone, professional traders will be happy to find a range of trading tools, advanced order types, and APIs to automate their trading strategies.

Dasset is the only trading platform in New Zealand with an order book for over 10 cryptocurrencies trading against New Zealand Dollars. In 2016, there was a major gap in the New Zealand market for cryptocurrency providers. There was a 20 percent premium on the price of digital currencies compared to the rest of the world, and the only place to purchase cryptocurrency was offshore or through peer-to-peer trading platforms that were rampant with fraud and not following New Zealand regulations.

We launched version 1.0 of our product in May 2019, with New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars, and 13 digital assets. Dasset is a node of liquidity providing a place for advanced order types and the ability to source cryptocurrency against national currencies. We are excited to be supporting the New Zealand ecosystem. With Dasset’s infrastructure, new projects and businesses are being developed to make cryptocurrency more useful within New Zealand, such as cryptocurrency merchant integration and institutional onramps and offramps. We are also in the process of expanding into Australia, with more features and national currencies on the way.

You can find us hosting and participating in cryptocurrency events around New Zealand. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates, or give us a call on 0800 461 240 to learn more about our services.