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NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ Ledger of Things Whitepaper – Volume 1

The Executive Councils of the New Zealand IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ have identified organisational synergies that could deliver significant societal and commercial benefits. 

Significant efficiency gains and security improvements can be achieved by leveraging blockchain’s decentralised ledger models in combination with IoT. These gains can also be realised at speed and at low transaction cost. 

Both the IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ have come together to collaborate on a whitepaper series called The Ledger of Things to help bring understanding of how these two technologies can work together in a range of different use cases. 

This first volume breaks down both blockchain and the internet of things, and showcases these technologies in real-use cases of energy, water and supply chain logistics. 

If you would like to participate in our next volume and have experience in IoT and blockchain technology, please reach out to our team at NZ IoT Alliance or BlockchainNZ to get involved.