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Solution or pollution: emerging tech and climate change in Aotearoa

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The case for emerging tech in combating climate change is undoubtedly a strong one. From smart city infrastructure and clean logistics, through green energy and precision agriculture – the applications of emerging tech in pursuit of a cleaner, greener future are immense. And as global leaders declare evermore ambitious and urgent emissions reductions targets, the onus on IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Digital Twins to deliver is greater than ever.

That said, emerging tech does come with drawbacks. High consumption of resources, raw materials, information, and energy, to name a few. Both society and the public sector are increasingly aware that there’s no quick fix to achieving sustainability. Rather, sustainable innovations are part of an ecosystem that needs to be considered as a whole.

Join leading industry figures, thinkers and disrupters for a timely and far-reaching debate about the role of technology in achieving New Zealand’s emissions targets. The debate, a feature of Techweek22, will have a special focus on the role of Blockchain in climate change.

Key topics covered include:

  • The digital sustainability index report 
  • Where is NZ currently with Net Zero? 
  • Is blockchain part of the solution? 
  • What other technology ventures are there currently that are assisting with this?
  • Carbonisation – is it offset or is real reduction?

Proudly brought to you by BlockchainNZ, this sustainability event is in collaboration with Auckland University Business School.

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Ilan Oshri - Professor - University of Auckland
Professor Ilan Oshri teaches strategic management and technological innovations in the Graduate School of Management. He has published 18 books on outsourcing and offshoring, and is currently exploring the world of intelligent automation. Ilan has acted as a consultant to numerous organisations in Europe, USA and Asia. He is an established speaker and was the founder of the Research Centre for Global Sourcing and Services at Loughborough School of Business and the RSM Case Development Centre.
James Cochrane - Partner - Stace Hammond
James is a dispute resolution and litigation partner at Stace Hammond. He has significant banking and finance, insolvency, and insurance experience. He is also passionate about cryptocurrency / crypto-assets and web3 technology. In addition to working on some of New Zealand’s most notable insolvencies, he and the Stace Hammond Cryptocurrency / Crypto-assets team have advised a number of parties interested in digital assets including insolvency practitioners; private wealth clients in relation to tax, asset acquisition, structuring, protection and property transfer; and businesses in relation to NFTs, gaming, crypto-mining, capital raising, terms and conditions, structuring / decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), and the regulatory landscape.
Nicole Upchurch - CEO - CENNZnet
Nicole brings her fierce passion for smart and effective marketing communication to the role of CENNZnet CEO. Combining a history of working across a broad range of technology disciplines, Nicole is on a crusade to ensure that CENNZnet is recognised globally as an edgy, market-leading and highly successful blockchain business.
Dave Rouse - CEO - CarbonClick
Kiwi born entrepreneur, who grew up between the bush in the Waitakeres, and working on an organic farm in his teenage years. A founding trustee of Sea Cleaners Trust, but has since changed all his focus into CarbonClick. Business owner with a strong connection to the land and his Maori heritage, bringing a unique set of sustainability values into a variety of organisations to continue improving environmental outcomes. With several years as a business executive, his philanthropic focus saw Dave's attention move to charity and supporting startups that see through projects with strong biodiversity and social impacts.


May 18
10:40 am - 11:40 am
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