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EDCON2019 is taking place in Sydney on 8-13 April, 2019

EDCON is an annual global Community Ethereum Development Conference series, aiming to boost the communication and interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide and to accelerate the sound development of Ethereum ecosystem.

Growing into an anticipated and influential conference series, the event is expected to have a even larger scale this year. Presented in the form of ‘EDCON Week’, the event will cover:

EDCON HACK (8-10 April): the hackathon will be a kick-off of EDCON Week, and the topics include Sharding, PoS, Clients, Plasma, Channel, Snark, etc.

EDCON Conference (11-13 April): Core Ethereum development teams will be invited to talk about the latest updates on the Ethereum research and technology; other great minds will share their thoughts on the current trends, projects and applications, as well as their community building and development plans.

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Apr 08 - Apr 13
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm