BlockchainNZ Pod E06 with Stephen Macaskill on Economics, Money, and Bitcoin

Stephen Macaskill is the CEO of Dasset, a trading platform for buying bitcoin and other digital assets. Before digital assets Stephen ran a precious metals company helping people maximize their savings and financial literacy. In this conversation we talk about precious metals and gold’s role in recent monetary history including Bitcoin; the definition of money … Continue reading "BlockchainNZ Pod E06 with Stephen Macaskill on Economics, Money, and Bitcoin"

BlockchainNZ Pod E05 with Tak Suzuki

Tak Suzuki is the co-founder of Senkusha, a funding platform looking to support and grow emerging artists, musicians, and athletes through NFT sales. Tak is soon to be a physiology graduate from the University of Auckland, he loves experimenting with new tech, and has an impressive CV at a young age. In this conversation we talk about: Music labels and the motivation for a crowdfunding platform, NFTs, mp3s, transparency, and minting on Ethereum, and the upcoming launch with artist Ash Supé.
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BlockchainNZ Pod E04 with Jit Maharaj

Jit Maharaj is a former commercial pilot turned crypto co-founder of Pay it Now, a payments network that uses a custom layer 2 built on the Binance smart chain (now BNB) that makes it easy for merchants and businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. Jit is also a long time web developer, an Ethereum miner, and a Solana critic. In this conversation we talk about: payments networks and providers, building on the Binance smart chain, customer rewards programs and creating a token, regulation in the crypto space in New Zealand, $20k bitcoin, and being a pilot.