Blockchain Technology


Introduction Why would tokens need an introduction you ask? Lets start with an example. Here in West Auckland we need to put tags on our rubbish and recycling bins before they will be collected and emptied by the waste disposal folks. Not just any tags though. The nice plastic stickers have to be the ones … Continue reading "Tokens"
Blockchain Technology

DeFi Part II

In Part 1.0 we covered some foundational parts of DeFi: stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, the automated market maker & pools, liquidity mining and yield farming. Here we’re going to start by looking at what happens when you can automate some of the behaviour witnessed in part 1.0. Eventually we’ll get to DeFi2.0 and discuss algorithmic coins, rebasing, and self-repaying loans. … Continue reading "DeFi Part II"
Blockchain Business & Economy

Will 2019 be the year blockchain flops, or flies?

Last year was a turning point for blockchain as we saw a formerly experimental philosophy evolve into tangible projects. So, will 2019 be the year blockchain becomes ubiquitous, or will some well-publicised failures spell the end of the road?