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BlockchainNZ Awards highlights

After a great year at BlockchainNZ, we’ve ended it with a bang with our first BlockchainNZ Awards at the Callaghan Innovation offices on 6 December. It was a sold-out event, and it warms my heart to see so many people excited to turn up and celebrate our industry’s accomplishments. 

The awards was a significant milestone for our community, showcasing the incredible talent and innovation within New Zealand’s blockchain and Web3 sectors from our start-ups to unicorns. 

Congratulations to our award winners and finalists!

BlockchainNZ & Web3NZ Web3 Business of the Year

  • Winner: Easy Crypto
  • Finalists: Futureverse, Binance

Alibaba Cloud Innovative Solution of the Year

  • Winner: Immersve
  • Finalists: Chainalysis, Pay it Now

Lane Neave Start-Up of the Year

  • Winner: Everlasting
  • Finalists: Timpi, Sphynx Labs

MinterEllisonRuddWatts Stand-Out Individual of the Year

  • Winner: Janine Grainger
  • Finalists: Ben Rose, Alex Sims

HudsonGavinMartin Educator and Advocate of the Year

  • Winner: Jeff Nijsse
  • Finalists: Cody Ellingham, Harry Satoshi

Hamilton Locke Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Winner: Janine Grainger
  • Finalists: Ryan Johnson-Hunt

A hearty congratulations to all our winners and finalists! Your dedication, creativity, and leadership continue to drive the growth and success of New Zealand’s blockchain industry. Make sure to check out our winners videos here. 

BlockchainNZ is also excited to announce some changes in our leadership. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sorel Carr, who has been an integral part of the BlockchainNZ executive council over the last two years and served as our chair for the last few months. Sorel’s contributions have been invaluable, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We are delighted to welcome Ben Rose (Binance) as our new chair and Andy Higgs (Futureverse) as our deputy chair. Their experience and vision will be instrumental in guiding BlockchainNZ towards new heights. 

Andy Higgs, Alison Mackie, Ben Rose

Once again, congratulations to all the award winners and finalists, and a warm welcome to our new leadership! I’m excited to see where 2024 takes us and I can’t wait to take you along the journey towards making NZ a global Web3 hub.

Ngā mihi nui,

Alison Mackie
BlockchainNZ Executive Director

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