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New study explores debanking challenges

Introducing Debanking and its Implications for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Web3 Ecosystem.

Published by Web3NZ and supported by BlockchainNZ, this study explores debanking challenges in New Zealand’s business landscape. 

Many banks and financial institutions have been cautious about providing services to digital asset-related businesses due to potential risks and regulatory uncertainty. The research found that over half of survey respondents had experienced challenges in maintaining local banking access due to concerns raised by their banks, while 90 percent have seen their business operations and finances impacted by a lack of access to banking services.

This insightful study offers potential solutions that aim to balance banking requirements and Web3 innovation. The report includes case studies, survey data and a comparative analysis of debanking scenarios.

Explore the findings and help solve the challenge for sustainable Web3 innovation in Aotearoa.

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