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Enhancing NZ’s global presence as a blockchain and Web3 hub

Kia ora,

Last month’s attendance at the Blockchain APAC Digital Asset Conference in Sydney was more than a series of discussions and connections; it was an enlightening journey that has reshaped our perspective on the opportunities available to us within the Web3 ecosystem in New Zealand.

The conference kicked off with engaging discussions on resource advantages, legal challenges, and global regulatory trends. I was inspired by the broad range of topics covered, from real-world applications of digital assets and distributed ledger technology to the new face of money and the implications digital assets have on ESG and sustainability. However, the true essence of the conference was understanding how we can apply the knowledge gained to our unique context in New Zealand.

A standout moment was the realisation of the unique position we have in New Zealand with our collaborative approach to working alongside regulators and our competing businesses. Unlike many other jurisdictions, our nation’s embrace of innovation and readiness to adapt to change gives us a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of digital assets. The takeaways emphasised our country’s advantages in the Web3 landscape and our potential to be seen as a hub for innovation. We have a solid foundation, a cooperative regulatory environment, and a vibrant tech community that places us in a promising position to lead in the Web3 revolution.

These insights have further ignited our passion for creating a thriving tech industry in New Zealand, and the lessons learned will play a crucial role in shaping our future strategies and collaborative regulatory work with Web3NZ to help enhance our global presence as a blockchain and Web3 hub.

The Digital Asset Conference was a milestone for our wider APAC community, but it affirmed that New Zealand is still seen as the country at the bottom of the map. But we can use this to our advantage – the roadmap to realising our vision of being a blockchain and Web3 hub is attainable if we work collaboratively to overcome our mutual challenges.

Ngā mihi nui,

Alison Mackie
BlockchainNZ Executive Director

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