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Q&A with Blockchain member Gareth Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Timpi

Timpi is the world’s first decentralized search engine with its own index. This allows us to deliver capabilities in indexing and search never seen before.

Crypto or blockchain? Blockchain.

Tell us about a “typical” day for you: As the driving force behind the daily operations of the business, I proactively lead and manage all aspects while nurturing partnerships, collaborations, and constantly seeking new opportunities to highlight the substantial advantages of Timpi to a global audience.

What’s your blockchain origin story? My entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of my own IT consultancy firm, specializing in seamless integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. I saw the potential of blockchain technologies and identified an opportunity to merge decentralization and Web3 technologies with conventional business models. With two years of cryptocurrency trading and experience of blockchain technologies, I was presented with an opportunity by my now co-founder Joerg to embark on the journey of creating a decentralized search engine.

Brag a little! Tell us about a career highlight: One of the most significant highlights of my career has been the opportunity to work on Timpi. Through Timpi, I have had the privilege of connecting with celebrities, influential politicians, and business people in various countries, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have traveled to different nations to share about Timpi.

What industry development is exciting you? The integration of blockchain technologies into conventional business models has the potential to revolutionize the way data is consumed and create opportunities for positive societal impact.

Outside your own business, who or what has impressed you lately and why? Prominent figures in various industries, such as journalism, entertainment, and technology, who have raised their voices to shed light on the issue of media censorship and advocate for greater transparency and accountability. This growing awareness and advocacy reflect the evolving landscape of media and the need to address concerns related to censorship in the digital age.

If you could change one thing about the blockchain world, what would it be and why? Within the blockchain community, there are proponents of a belief known as “blockchain maxi,” which holds that blockchain businesses should exclusively rely on blockchain for their technology stack. While I share the passion for blockchain technology, I believe that strictly adhering to this perspective can hinder the growth and adoption of the technology. 

What are your Go To sources for staying up to date? LinkedIn communities such as this one with a data science slant on blockchain and this one with a payments slant; Medium articles, often from high quality content recommended to me by the site; and Networking at every opportunity, including attending international events like Consensus in Texas, Blockchain NYC and The Australian Crypto Convention.

What’s on your horizon for replenishing your creativity or resilience? It is always a difficult challenge to balance the demands of the business and self care. However I am fortunate to have colleagues who live in Queenstown where I go frequently for “team building” events.

Tell us some words to live by: No matter what comes your way, keep pushing forward with tenacity, knowing that you have what it takes to overcome any challenge and reach new heights of accomplishment.

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