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BlockchainNZ Pod E06 with Stephen Macaskill on Economics, Money, and Bitcoin

Stephen Macaskill is the CEO of Dasset, a trading platform for buying bitcoin and other digital assets. Before digital assets Stephen ran a precious metals company helping people maximize their savings and financial literacy. In this conversation we talk about precious metals and gold’s role in recent monetary history including Bitcoin; the definition of money and Austrian and Keynesian methodologies within economics; bitcoin and its intrinsic versus subjective value; spontaneous orders, and human cooperation through decentralized autonomous organizations.


00:00 precious metals and gold’s role in monetary history

05:41 WTF happened in 1971

12:04 what is money

25:30 austrian economics

18:23 Austrian vs Keynesian

26:12 social data vs natural science

31:46 bitcoin

38:07 intrinsic vs subjective value of bitcoin

42:09 on enabling global collaboration

44:29 scaling blockchains

47:50 defining digital assets

51:53 potential of DAOs

57:44 insurance

1:00:00 rapid fire

1:02:43 fin

Some notes from the show:

what happened in 1971?

Turkish rare earths discovery

French try to redeem gold

Austrian methodology

Keynes & rise of macroeconomics


Bitcoin whitepaper

spontaneous order


Vitalik’s essay on DAOs

Whitehouse redefines recession


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Recorded at blockheight 746718. The BCNZ podcast was founded in 2022 by Jeff Nijsse and Bryan Ventura.

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