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BlockchainNZ Podcast Episode 02 – Paul Quickenden

Hi Folks, and welcome to the Blockchain New Zealand Podcast. I’m Jeff Nijsse and today I’m talking to Paul Quickenden. Paul is the ‘Head of New Zealand’ at EasyCrypto.

In this conversation we talk about: 

  • Recent market activity: everything’s down but people are still buying
  • EasyCrypto expanding into overseas markets,
  • Their process for listing new digital assets – how do they decide what to list and their ethical considerations,
  • The TerraLuna crash and stablecoin depegging event,
  • The price of cheese.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Paul Quickenden.


  • 00:00 Current market conditions
  • 04:50 Do market factors affect Easy Crypto?
  • 07:55 People are still buying crypto
  • 12:26 Is crypto its own asset class?
  • 13:45 Koura Investments KiwiSaver
  • 16:18 EasyCrypto global expansion
  • 19:40 On the Brasilian crypto market
  • 21:09 Lightweight NZ exports
  • 25:38 Banking as an export & the regulatory aspects
  • 29:34 Ethics around coin listings & approaches to risk
  • 35:28 Terra death spiral
  • 40:10 EC circuit breaker
  • 46:20 BCNZ
  • 50:15 What’s next for easy crypto?
  • 53:30 Rapid fire

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About Paul Quickenden

Paul Quickenden is the current Head of New Zealand for EasyCrypto. He’s been active in the blockchain and Crypto sector for a number of years, consulting to numerous projects and helping them with successful capital raises and commercial launches. Prior to that Paul was the CEO of Putti Apps, and held numerous roles in Product Marketing and Strategy within Spark New Zealand. Paul is passionate about growing New Zealand businesses, helping us to stand out on the global stage, and make a difference to the lives of New Zealanders.

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