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Global summit needed to address Libra

The announcement of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency raises many questions about the impact this may have in the future, not only on financial services, but also on privacy and identity. 

While the answers to these questions are unknown, it is important that these issues are debated before the currency is launched next year.

Blockchain’s Executive Director Mark Pascall has called for New Zealand to host a global summit to discuss the impacts of Libra.

“I believe that New Zealand, perhaps in partnership with the Digital 9 and the United Nations, has an opportunity (perhaps even a moral obligation) to show some leadership in this space,” said Pascall.

“I propose New Zealand hosts a global summit. We’ve brought industry super heroes over here before and through the innovative EHF program we have strong links to a large number of blockchain heavy-weights.

“We want to get the world’s best (including technologists, entrepreneurs, social impact makers, policy makers, politicians, investors, environmentalists, journalists, film makers etc) to physically come together in order to learn, collaborate and build relationships to ultimately start a journey of co-creating new systems and organisations that will make the world a better place.

“This is an opportunity for New Zealand to make a stand, make a difference, our modern day nuclear-free moment.”

Read Pascall’s full post here.  

While the post does not necessarily represent the views of BlockchainNZ, BlockchainNZ recognises that action needs to be taken and supports Pascall’s call for a global summit.