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Pascall urges Government to invest in blockchain so NZ isn’t left behind

The country and economy need to grasp blockchain technology and start reaping the benefits, says BlockchainNZ Executive Director Mark Pascall.

Pascall will present to parliament’s economic development, science and innovation select committee hearing in Wellington on Thursday 30 May on how the economy can accelerate using blockchain.

In an interview on RadioNZ, Pascall said that “we are asking the Government to look at blockchain really hard because it’s not just a new technology, it’s a shift in the world order. It gives us a mechanism to move from a highly centralised society to a decentralised society, and that has far reaching implications across every sector, and even how governments work across the world.”

Blockchain technology can help lift economic growth but it needs Government commitment to drive a strategy for it, and it is that commitment that they are hoping to achieve when they present to the select committee next week.

“We really need more research done and some steer from the Government as to what level of risk and commitment they want in this space,” said Pascall.

“We want to avoid not doing anything, otherwise we stand the risk of being left behind globally while other countries taking more of the actions and get more of the economic benefits.”  

Listen to the full interview here:

BlockchainNZ Executive Director Mark Pascall, Radio NZ

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