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Sean is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP – License e7a402) and a certified Atlassian trainer having trained over 200+ companies large and small, onsite and remotely around the world since 2010. He is also a former IBM Websphere Cast Iron trainer and also develops and maintains training materials for various global organisations.

Sean has been active in the crypto space creating various projects such as Ubering energy on the blockchain, accounting on the blockchain and placing his land title on the blockchain.

Sean is passionate about training and enjoys taking a hands on approach interacting with his students and encouraging participation to help the learning process.

Some of the organisations Sean has provided training for:

Connect with Sean on LinkedIn or Twitter or at his personal blog.

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What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is the first successfully tested distributed ledger technology. The technology is a catalyst for the Age of Decentralisation, paving the way for business models that have not been possible before. It is providing us with new opportunities for human achievement.

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