The Otago Blockchain Meetup August 2017 Summary

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The first Otago Blockchain meet-up was a great success. There was a turn out of 30 people the majority of whom having little previous knowledge of the Bitcoin or Blockchain scene, but who are eager to learn more about the technology. The event was arranged in a workshop format, so everyone was able to engage and participate in the discussion.

Liesl Eichholz, a policy analyst, writer and researcher at ConsenSys, spoke exceptionally well. She first gave brief introduction on how the technology works for those who weren’t so familiar. She then went on to speak on a broad range of subjects within the crypto space such as Bitcoin, Ether, how and where to buy cryptocurrencies and the proper methods on secure storage.

At the end, we held a questions session, giving the audience an opportunity to learn more about the technology, its relevance in global and New Zealand market and how to get further involved in the community.

There was an excellent series of questions and valuable contributions from audience members. Many of our attendees were inspired to learn more about the technology and asked about future events in Dunedin.

A huge thanks to Lizel again for coming down to share her knowledge, and how her work relates to the crypto community. I have created a Facebook group for the Otago Blockchain Community – Anyone is welcome to join for updates and information about upcoming events in Dunedin!

We are looking forward to seeing more people attend these meet-ups as the crypto community grows in the South!

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