Are you or your company a part of the burgeoning and competitive blockchain technology industry?

Become part of our membership community to gain access to industry leaders, get the critical information you need to succeed and add value to your enterprise, and contribute directly to advancing the industry and developing its body of knowledge. Memberships include:

  • Monthly educational workshop
  • A BANZ membership token on the blockchain that provides functionality based on your membership level
  • Access to industry updates within New Zealand and globally
  • A local and worldwide network of industry professionals to collaborate with
  • Free or highly discounted (depending on level) NZ Blockchain Conferences

Student Membership

  • $50
    12 months
  • Take your learning to a new level
  • Individuals enrolled full-time in accredited undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Discounted access to all workshops
  • Connect with industry leaders
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Professional Membership

  • $250
    12 months
  • Discounted access to all workshops
  • Membership vote
  • Discounted conferences, services, and products
  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Apply today

Industry Membership

  • $2,500
    12 months
  • For businesses, professional associations, government and international industry associations
  • One membership vote
  • Access to workshop for multiple employees
  • Tap into the network of experts
  • Apply today

What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is the first successfully tested distributed ledger technology. The technology is a catalyst for the Age of Decentralisation, paving the way for business models that have not been possible before. It is providing us with new opportunities for human achievement.

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