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I had the opportunity to visit the Christchurch bitcoin meetup and met some wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds each with their own perspective of this crypto world.

On this crisp, cloudless evening, around 15 devoted crypto enthusiast gathered to share everything from ICO ideas and potential bitcoin mempool manipulation to fine tuning Nvidia mining cards and Austrian economic theory.

Kirk has been running these meetups for about a year now taking over from a previous organizer and is doing a great job.

Andrew Masters from Inductive gave a bitcoin/blockchain talk at Canterbury University recently,

and Cryptopia, a cryptocurrency exchange is base there as well. Cryptopia have been around for a number of years and one of the few true exchanges in NZ to date and doing a great job and growing as well.

I didn’t get a chance to visit BitPrime unfortunately but they are Christchurch based as well. Maybe next time!

It was a bit nostalgic walking around the city as I personally spent 4 years of my university life down there full of fond memories that only university life can bring.

We all know the drama that Christchurch has been through in the last 5+ years and the ongoing rebuild that is occurring. Christchurch however is making great progress and with the small but vibrant and dedicated crypto community down there it will definitely grow.

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