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We are excited to announce the launch of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand. As evident in the growing developer community and interest from private and public sectors, there is a strong desire to upskill and foster innovation around Blockchain technologies in New Zealand.

Blockchain technology creates enormous opportunity for New Zealand domestically and globally. In fact, there are already a few dozen initiatives working on learning about and implementing this technology throughout the New Zealand economy. We have created the Association to connect these initiatives and collaborate across industries.

The blockchain is a technological protocol that manages a distributed ledger, or database, through consensus in such a way that the records cannot be tampered or revised. Although this technology has been theoretically possible for many decades, it wasn’t until late 2008 that it came into fruition when the creator(s) of the first successful blockchain solved the last piece of the puzzle, called General Byzantine’s Problem.

This protocol is the missing piece that puts our vast digital network together. It is a useful tool that individuals, businesses, governments, and devices use as a trust mechanism, so that we can engage with each other in person and digitally on a more personal and trusting level.

Protocol of money

Image provided by Brave New Coin

As an audit system, the blockchain can prove who owns what at any given time, transparently record public and voting records, handle the transfer of ownership and settlement of physical and digital assets, and authenticate identity and the authenticity of people, software, devices, and certificates.

The Association is comprised of a collection of individuals, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, developers, and enterprises from New Zealand who are interested in integrating and advancing blockchain technology and digital assets. Our goal is to be an educational resource for industry, regulators, media, and individuals who want to broaden their knowledge and implement this beautiful emerging tech.

Please join us for our regular workshops, seminars, and conferences if you are interested in implementing or learning about this technology. If you want to play a bigger role in this paradigm shift, please contact us to see how you can participate.

Blockchain technology is a journey. So far the journey has been one of humanity’s greatest and most exciting. However the industry experts will tell you that the journey has just begun and that we’re not quite sure how it will play out. We invite you to help shape its future in New Zealand so that we can make our world a more peaceful, transparent, and prosperous place for everybody.


  1. Rob Clarkson

    4 October, 2016

    In your diagram top right hand corner you have TCP “File transfer protocol”, think that should be FTP. Cheers Rob Clarkson

    • Blockchain Association

      4 October, 2016

      That is correct, it should be FTP! We’ll let Brave New Coin know as the image was provided by them.

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What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is the first successfully tested distributed ledger technology. The technology is a catalyst for the Age of Decentralisation, paving the way for business models that have not been possible before. It is providing us with new opportunities for human achievement.

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