BANZ Committee Nominees

BANZ is in the process of accepting nominations to the Committee! If you’re passionate about blockchain and would like to make a difference helping shape the future of the industry, join the list of nominees here.


Mark Pascall
Mark Pascall is founder of, co-founder of BlockchainLabs.NZ, has organised two international blockchain conferences (Ethereum.NZ and TheBlockchain.NZ) and set up the blockchain meetups in Wellington and Auckland.

Mark has worked in software development for the last 20 years and over the last three years, he has been on a mission to educate/inspire business people on blockchain topics and put New Zealand at the center of the blockchain disruption. He has been interviewed many times for TV (e.g. Newshub, AM Show), Radio (e.g This Way Up), press (Stuff, NBR), has presented at numerous conferences throughout New Zealand. He has worked with Edmund Hillary Fellowship to develop and promote the report “New Zealand: Unlocking
Blockchain’s Potential Recommendations on Regulation and Policy”

Education Chair

Sean Au
With a passion for education and sharing the knowledge, Sean is keen on developing the next set of blockchain courses for BANZ and building a network of trainers and experts around New Zealand. With this new found knowledge, new applications can be designed and created to take this disruptive technology to the next level.

Small Medium Business Chair

James Waugh
James is a young Kiwi heavily entrenched in the blockchain & crypto space. As an owner of small-medium business working exclusively in the blockchain space, James would bring the expertise required to succeed in this role.

James has been building the blockchain community in Christchurch, hosting monthly meetups for the blockchain & crypto community. He is also in the early stages of building out a blockchain innovation hub in Christchurch to give people interested in the space a place to work and learn. Alongside The University of Canterbury, James is also looking to plan a hackathon to get young developers into the space.

As an adviser focused on tokenomics and ICO best practices he has spent most of the last 8 months traveling to blockchain & crypto events, speaking, networking and becoming the New Zealand face of cryptocurrency to a number of project founders and investors.

This travel is one of the most important value adds James can bring to BANZ – Connecting dots internationally for the blockchain association and bringing a global presence to the organisation.


Wendy Kemp
Wendy is a solicitor at Wakefields Lawyers, with a focus on property and technology law. She is currently developing a comprehensive digital estate planning package for the firm and looking at smart contract options for password and key storage.

At the moment, Wendy has been helping organise the timing & location of the BANZ breakfasts in Wellington. She is keen to be more involved and advertise these breakfasts to a larger group. She would also like to encourage more meetups & help there wherever I can.


Stephen Nicholas
Stephen is a Partner in Deloitte Private and works with a growing number of businesses and individuals who are actively involved in using Blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies.

He has a broad range of financial skills but increasingly is focusing on improving governance and informed decision making by SMEs across NZ.

Student Chair

Calvin Li
As Events and Communications Co-ordinator for the BANZ, Calvin has run a number of successful events engaging the community in the blockchain space.

As a current student at the University of Auckland, Calvin has an immense passion for blockchain and its potential future applications. He understands blockchain from a non-technical perspective, which is helpful for communicating with students across disciplines on what the blockchain is all about.

There is a distinct lack of understanding and awareness of blockchain among students, who generally know of the technology only at the bitcoin layer. Calvin wants to address this disparity and encourage students to participate in the blockchain conversation.


General Committee Member x2

David Bosman
David’s background in Enterprise Architecture has provided him with the expertise to manage the business/technology interface and provide key value in the use of technology to achieve business outcomes.

For the last 2 years David has been actively researching and mapping business to blockchain technology. This places him in a position where he can provide detailed input on how businesses can optimally use blockchain technology.

David has been presenting Blockchain 101 sessions to multiple companies and interest groups to further promote awareness of the business concepts of blockchain technology.

Ged Campbell
(a) Determining the direction and shape that the Association takes on;

Ged want to make a significant difference to the New Zealand economy. Technologies like Blockchain provide a huge opportunity for a remote country like New Zealand to grow high-value niche businesses. Ged has people and marketing skills to help the association facilitate this process.

(b) Participating in events and recruiting new members;

Through his experience on the Auckland Rowing board and various other sporting experiences, Ged has developed an in-depth understanding of recruitment – what motivates people and why people identify with a purpose. He believes he can provide leadership in the area of recruitment.

(c) Participating at meetings and voting on Association initiatives;

Ged works for Human Synergistics (an organisational development consultancy) and does not come from a technical background, and so will bring diversity of thought to the committee.

(d) Advancing the knowledge of blockchain technology in New Zealand through any means possible.

Ged works in a sector that significantly influences business change – human resources and organisational development – he is already helping people understand blockchain technology and will continue to do so.

Emily Fry
Emily is confident that her skill set and passion for blockchain would add value to the committee. As an active member of the current blockchain community, she believes that the position would facilitate her ability to bring people together to share knowledge and use the technology.

Emily is a founding member of the ICO and Token Economics team at PwC. This is a new line of service which she successfully pitched to the firm upon joining in early 2018. She helps both NZ and international clients (ranging from start-ups to established institutions) to navigate crypto challenges, including engaging with ICOs in a way that develops a sustainable token economy.

Emily is passionate about the responsible yet agile regulation of ICOs in NZ, having written her honours thesis on the topic in 2017. This work has led to a number of meetings and continued dialogue with government, including senior members of MBIE, the FMA and IRD. She sees huge potential in both the social and economic potential of blockchain, and is hopeful that NZ can gain the political support to foster the emerging eco-system and be a leader in this space.

Her background in Law and Commerce, in addition to her commercial experience working for The Icehouse, Chapman Tripp, Blockchain Labs NZ and PwC has enabled her to develop relationships and skills that would add value to BANZ.

Emily is highly organized, task oriented and collaborative, and thinks she is reasonably fun to be around!

Dene Green
As NZ Post GM Strategy and Strategic Partners, Dene is a senior executive in New Zealand Supply Chain and Logistics.

He holds a strategic role in the development of Alibaba’s iTrust Blockchain Framework.

With a strong business commitment and personal advocacy to blockchain within supply chain, Dene is keen to see an “NZ inc” value outcome derived from the potential that blockchain can create within supply chain and logistics.

Adiraj Gupta
Adiraj is interested in this position as he can play a helping role in the New Zealand blockchain ecosystem. Last year, he created a guide on how to invest in cryptocurrencies in New Zealand which hundreds of Kiwis have used to buy cryptos in NZ. Adiraj has also done a number of speaking engagements such as guest lecturing at the Masters in Technological Futures on blockchain and ICO’s. In this position he can play a supporting role in the association by helping out and filling any gaps there may be in the organization. His past involvements include being the President of The Victoria Consulting Club, being on the advisory board of The Business Investment Club as well as the Treasurer of The Engineering Club.

Adiraj is currently the CEO of Crypto Launchpad which is a New Zealand based global Crypto Due Diligence firm and investment bank. They have helped clients raise 50M USD in the capital since starting operation in late October 2017. Crypto Launchpad has partnerships with Cryptopia here in NZ, working relationships with Deloitte, DLA Piper, Bell Gulley, Simmonds & Stewart, ASB, Kiwibank and the FMA. Having a committee role with BANZ means Adiraj can get Crypto Launchpad to work closely with BANZ and share resources and commitments in helping the New Zealand ecosystem as well as leverage the global hedge fund and investment bank network for any companies coming through BANZ. Some of these initiatives involve things like including blockchain courses into New Zealand Universities which Crypto Launchpad is supporting, helping set up a Center of Entrepreneurship in Wellington where blockchain will have a strong presence and helping run meetups around blockchain capital raising and ICO’s.

Matthew Johnson
Matthew is passionate about blockchain technology and the impact it will have on humanity in a positive way. He is very keen to be a part of this in any way he can and is actively learning every day. Matthew has been in the IT industry most of his working life as Business Development and Project Manager and believes he can add value in many ways.
Chris Linton
Chris is a senior corporate/technology lawyer, passionate about blockchain (and technology in general).

She is active in the blockchain space – with advocacy and education (as a committee member of BANZ), regulatory clarity/ reform (as part of the crypto ICO regulatory working group), presenting white papers, advising blockchain/fintech/crypto clients, and collaborating and building relationships (particularly between business, government, and BANZ). Chris has hosted a number of BANZ events, and recently had the pleasure of chairing a high powered business panel (ANZ, IBM, NZ Post, Consensys and the Financial Markets Authority’s Director of Regulation).

Chris is keen to continue supporting BANZ’s growth, building on the strong relationships and platform BANZ has already established.

Emile Phaneuf
Emile is Export Manager at Heinz Wattie’s Ltd. He loves blockchain and enjoys meeting and networking with great people from the BANZ community. Emile is excited to help in any way he can.
Erickson Yap
Erickson is a blockchain enthusiast and has used this past year to learn more about it, network locally in this area and look forward to contributing to the ongoing market education and adoption of the technology.
Hao Zheng
Hao has 10 years of experience in business intelligence, and is now a postgraduate student at Unitec. He is personally very interested in blockchain technology and has invested and learnt about it in the past year. He found BANZ to be a well organised and vibrant organisation, and has been honoured to be a member, having attended all the meetups this year.


What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is the first successfully tested distributed ledger technology. The technology is a catalyst for the Age of Decentralisation, paving the way for business models that have not been possible before. It is providing us with new opportunities for human achievement.

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